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10 Mar 2020

When does a Business need an Enterprise IT Consultant?

Business Technology Consultants

What is Enterprise IT/ Business Technology ?

 Technology that helps organizations achieve business goals through automation and analytics can be termed as Enterprise IT or Business Technology  .

Alternately technology that enables all levels of management (ground, middle and senior management) in all functions(Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finance ,HR, Customer support ) achieve their business goals can also be termed as Enterprise IT or Business Technology.

Enterprise Applications like ERP/CRM; Business Process optimization solutions like  RPA,BPAAS; Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions like self-service BI, Cloud solutions like PAAS, IAAS are some examples of Enterprise IT/Business technology.

Who are Enterprise IT/Business Technology consultants ?

These are professionals with deep experience in enabling technology for varied stakeholders in the enterprise ecosystem through assessments , roadmap and architecture , evaluations, business analysis, IT project and program management

They are typically available on interim/special purpose/full time basis

What are the services offered by Enterprise IT Consultant from Jen Source ?

CIO/IT Head services including

  • IT Action plan (Assessment, Roadmap, Architecture, Evaluation)
  • Business Analysis
  • project management (Cost, Schedule, Risk, Communication, Vendor etc)

When does a Business need an Enterprise IT consultant is required ?

Growing organizations /SMBs should consider availing CIO/IT Head services if the objective is to

  • Scale by minimising dependency on people
  • Improve efficiency and control direct and indirect costs through higher automation of key steps in operations ,  pay-in and pay-out processes.
  • Bring about people and process improvements through timely access to KPI data
  • Recover from past Do-It-Yourself attempts that have failed

For more details on how Enterprise IT Consultants from Jen Source can help with CIO/IT Head services do get in touch


ERP-Enterprise resource planning

CRM-Customer relationship mgmt.

RPA-Robotic process automation

BPAAS-Business process as a service

PAAS-platform as a service

IAAS-Infrastructure as a service

SMB-Small and Medium business

CIO-Chief Information officer

KPI-Key Process indicator