People Development

“Success Through People” is business mantra for any organization. Jen Source strongly believe in this.

At Jen Source, we help people to realize their dreams in a professional, systematic and sustainable manner.

At the core of any business, people form the foundation of any organization’s growth prospects. There is a need for certain skills and principles to be learned continuously by people, in order to stay current, up to date and establish the competitiveness in the market.

Jen Source facilitates your team members become more efficient and effective in their performance by providing well-designed workshops. These workshops are facilitated by Industry Leaders and Coaches.

Modular Approach –

Our People Development workshop sessions are categorised into a clear module-wise approach with each category being approached from a nascent stage where the module is straightforward, to a stage where logical approach to problem solving is arrived at. This helps employees focus on each stage objectively and understand subtle ways to practically decide how and where to implement their learnings.

At Jen Source our skills development sessions are focused on soft skills and technical skills happen both in the regular class-room workshop mode and interactive online webinars. Our customized webinars can be crafted to suit the unique needs of our clients. Our Workshops and Webinars are conducted by leading industry experts and attended by leaders at different levels from various domains.

If you would like to have skills development session through webinars to be conducted for your employees, Please feel free to reach out at

Customized People Development Workshops
On Soft Skills (Including Leadership)

Interpersonal Skills

Understand assertive communication style and solve conflicts by being collaborative

A group of people who are looking to develop their skills- People development skills

Team building

Learn team dynamics and underlying principles



Develop competence and efficiently negate stress



Cultivate professional persuasive communication


Communication skills

Learn email etiquette and presentation skills


Customer orientation 

Drive customer centric approach and philosophy

Power of Brand

Power of Your Brand

What it takes to create a Personal Brand

Presentation skills

Presentation Skills

The Secrets of Effective Presentation

continuous improvement

Continuous Improvement

Learn continuous improvement techniques

TRansport operations

Professional Excellence Workshop – Employee Transport

Workshop based on core competencies to manage the employee transport operations

Driver training

Driver Training workshop

Defensive Driving Skills

People skills, consequent training and their development, has a beneficial outcome in the growth of an individual. Addressing inherent problems that we often overlook can result in the drastic increase in the performance and confidence levels. Jen Source brings an effective, industry backed modules to help for the betterment of people and organizations simultaneously.

Our workshops are designed to help participants adopts the techniques learnt on the job easily.

The following testimonials from various workshop participants endorses this.

  • Lot of techniques have been shared so that we implement on our daily workplace.
  • The precise material, delivered in the correct manner to understand and execute in our daily lives was the highlight of the program
  • Tool kit, activity-based learning was best about the programme
  • Positioning in life is a major tool which makes a lot of difference in me.
  • Session was very informative, and it gave enough on creative branding
  • Covered brand aspects in a very nice way ” Introduction with cards”
  • The course was really good. We will use these tools in our campus training
  • Practical Applications to job, good examples and case studies.