EHS Audits and Compliance

In India, EHS laws are complex and continuously improving. Ensuring EHS compliance is mandatory for the organizations. Penalties for noncompliance can range from INR 10,000 to INR 2,00,000 along with 1 year to 7 years imprisonment.
Our Vision is to help organizations follow compliances related to EHS, providing a safe working environment to all its employees, reducing the impact on Environment and the Public.

Team Jen Source will help organizations to be Audit ready at all times, ensures 100% compliance levels thereby reducing the reputation risk.
Our detailed assessment and services will cover the following to ensure 100% compliance levels, 

  • Environmental Laws, Regulations – 15
  • Building and Fire Safety Regulations – 10
  • Hygiene and Safety Regulations – 3
  • IS Codes on Safety – 6
  • Number of Records to be maintained – ~30+
  • Number of Returns to be submitted -~ 20+

Jen Source team will assist in

  • Track regulatory changes and provide updates on amendments.
  • Advise organizations to mitigate/lower risks of noncompliance. 
  • Advice on Builder compliance requirements (having offices in a multitenant building)
  • Create an Effective Governance structure
  • Establish strong controls.

Fire and Life Safety Assessment:

Our Expert team have developed various checklist based on requirements from NBC guidelines, IS Codes, prevailing Statutory mandates, ISO requirements, Industry best practice.

Following areas will be audited as part of the Assessment.

  • Leadership and Governance
    • Vision, Mission, Safety Objectives, Internal Audit Process, Review and Feedback Process, Emergency Response and communications
  • Risk Management Process
    • Process for Identification, Frequency and Assessment
    • Management Approach to involvement, Reward and Recognition
  • Electrical Safety
    • Maintenance Practices, Schedule adherence, deviations, approval process
    • Maintenance Records, Vendor performance evaluation
    • Replacement plan, Change monitoring process
    • Process for internal and external inspections, reporting, review and corrections
  • Fire Safety
    • Preparedness, Response
    • Communication and Control process
    • On site emergency plan, Scenarios identified and process for mitigation
    • Fire Drills and Action
    • Resource availability, competency and testing
  • General Safety
    • Process for upkeep of areas and equipment
    • Checks as mandated by Law of land
    • Hazardous material / area management process
    • Controls for sub-contractor safety practices

Assessment will be conducted in 3 parts.

  1. Document and Record Assessment
  2. 121 Interviews / Discussions
  3. Limited Site Audit – Sample Assessment at Bangalore location (1 day per location)