Business Transformation Services

The times are uncertain and it requires Management’s Vision to overcome this crisis. A state of FUD is set – Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt.

We summarize the problems which are plaguing Industrial Growth and Economy:

  • Global Demand and Supply is in a fluid state
  • Restarting operations from a standstill mode
  • Recalibrating to the New Normal

Jen Source’s unique framework “HEART™” powers its Business Transformation Services. The following are the details:

Step 1 (HE) – Health Check to diagnose the incumbent processes

  • Study of Systems & Procedures
  • Re-engineer Vision & Mission
  • Plot the SWOT analysis
  • Reimagine Growth
  • Prioritize high-level plan of action

Step 2 (A) – Advisory Services for Implementation

  • Validation of Step 1
  • Facilitate  Ideation
  • Problem Solving through proven methods
  • Establish ownership
  • Governance Metrics

Step 3 (RT) – Realtime Transformation Partner

  • Identify Growth Levers
  • Road Mapping
  • Program Manage
  • People, Process, Technology excellence

Jen Source comes with 350+ person-years of collective Corporate experience. The team at Jen Source have held senior management positions in global corporations. our Business Transformation Services include – Process Excellence, People Development, Technology Enablement, Innovation modelling, Knowledge Management, Business Finance and Corporate Real Estate Services.

Looking forward to associate and help you in the current situation.

Our principle motto is  “We give our HEART to your Business Growth.”

Jen Source Consulting services

Membership Privileges:

  • Expert consultation/coaching – 2hours
  • Expert opinion through email
  • Membership to Jen Star FB CUG
  • Will get listed in our trusted partner database
  • Membership to Telegram CUG
  • Learn at your own pace – Access to our online workshops (coming up by 1st October 2020)
  • Promote your Products / Services in our FaceBook Group every Saturday
  • Access Monthly Q&A Webinar


Jen Source Deliverables:

  • Understand your Business
  • Review of SWOT Analysis
  • In-depth review of one process at a time
  • Come up with the Short, Mid, Long Term Plan


Guidelines for Members:

  1. All consultation calls to be booked in advance. Carry forward of  un-utilized consultation hours not allowed
  2. Both closed user groups (CUG) Telegram and Facebook strictly for knowledge sharing, no marketing please
  3. E-mails will be replied within 48 hours
  4. Monthly Q&A duration will be for 30 minutes


Any additional services beyond membership scope shall be charged on mutually agreed terms and conditions.

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Monthly Membership Fee – INR 2499+ 18% GST = INR 2949  :

On receiving confirmation to participate “Monthly Membership Program”, we will schedule a call with you and discuss on next steps.

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