Why Choose Business Process Consulting Service from Jen Source ?

Strong business process is a promise to your customer – a promise on quality, consistency and reliability.

Engaging with Jen Source business process consulting service will enable organisations to build sustainable processes in line with Global Standards by adopting the following well tested and proven methods.

  1. Study “AS-IS” Processes
  2. Identify gaps with Industry standards, legal requirements, ISO requirements, NBC guidelines, IS Code of Practice etc.,
  3. Document and prepare the standard operating procedures.
  4. Implement the processes – Use of process improvement tools like Kaizen, 5S, Lean etc.,
  5. Train personnel on modified / new processes.
  6. Audits to
    1. Measure effectiveness of Implementation
    2. Measure sustenance of the system

Jen Source’s offers the following services under Process Improvement Domain :

  • Process Improvement/Business consulting –Assessment and Implementation
  • Documentation for Management Systems Implementation (IMS or any specific MS)
  • Implementation of specific process improvement tools- e.g. Kaizen, 5S, Lean
  • Conducting internal audit for various Management Systems
  • Fire & Life Safety Assessments of buildings
  • Content design for corporate presentations, brochure, mailers