An idea can grow in thought when one works on it; it can have a phenomenal impact when collective effort happens.


Modules Covered:

  • How to build team effectiveness?

A team is an indispensable cog in the smooth functioning of an organization. A good team carries out its tasks impeccably. A great team however, builds collaboration, team dynamics and puts in collective effort to bring in the best results.

Jen Source imparts Team Building training through its expert trainers who have decades of experience in both working in, as well as leading teams to succeed from the grassroots level. The training module focuses on leveraging individual efficiency to build team effectiveness. This results in bridging communication and execution gaps in the workflow and increases team dynamics as a whole. Through interactive and engaging activities and work modules, Jen Source helps individuals and personnel form a collaborative mindset.

The module is for teams and personnel in various roles in the organization. With an intensive 8 hour training session, teams in different roles and responsibilities can benefit from this.

  • To aim at creating team dynamics.
  • Teams on different roles
  • 8 Hrs for each module.