The true test of grit and strength of an individual lies in the way one leads oneself at times of hardship.

Modules Covered:

  • How to build Personal Effectiveness?
  • How to manage stress?

Self-Leadership is a trait of perseverance that leads one to gain personal and professional growth. This is much needed in the workplace where challenges present themselves which would need an individual’s assessment of the situation to effectively handle.

Jen Source partners with organizations at all levels of scale to impress upon individual personnel about the importance of self-leadership and helps them develop the traits and skills to analyse all kinds of diverse challenges as well as handle the accompanying stress. The training module focuses on two aspects – the emotional quotient that enables individuals to embrace situations and help develop personal competence and also to understand and identify different techniques to deal with said challenges.

The training session of 8 hours each on building emotional quotient and identifying different techniques, builds intrapersonal skills to enable team leads, managers, executives in leadership roles, project heads, product development manager and more.

  • To help build emotional quotient thus enabling the individuals to develop personal competence.
  • To help individuals understand different techniques of dealing with stress.
  • How to build Personal Effectiveness? – Intrapersonal skills to People Managers
  • How to manage stress? Team Leads, supervisors, People Managers, Project Heads, Product development Managers
  • 8 Hrs for each module.