The biggest resource is not a business that thrives and booms; it is when the sales pitch knocks the ball out of the park.


Modules Covered

  • How to pitch sales using persuasive communication?

An organization as a whole may have outstanding product quality and features, but without an effective sales pitch and marketing strategy, it will inevitably fail. Same is true for personnel who handle both the products in an organization, as well as themselves as resources of that organization.

Jen Source understands that communication is key to developing sustainable market value as well as relationships, and hence the training modules incorporate all these key features and more to help craft communication skills. This will in turn drive persuasive communication as the key factor to help in sales pitches.

The module effects strong persuasive communication to enable professionals to excel in their career. This will greatly help sales executives, business development executives, regional heads and managers, etc to leverage strong communication as a factor in boosting overall growth.

  • To create a strong  persuasive communication among the professionals.
  • Sales executives, Business development executives, Territory Heads, Marketing Managers
  • 8 Hrs for each module