Speaking is a skill, while communication is an art that drives growth.

Modules Covered

  • How to deal with difficult conversation?
  • How to build interpersonal skills ?
  • How to manage and resolve Conflict ?

Workplace communication is one of the key driving factors of effective workflow. It is as necessary as the processes that go into streamlining work in organizations. It would not matter if efficiency happened behind the veils; communicating effectively through to the end is an ultimatum to ensure that productivity is enabled.

Jen Source is a leader in training employees on Interpersonal Skills, across many facets of organizations. Be it management, HR, culinary department, security, offshore personnel/employees, associates, etc., effective interpersonal communication dissolves any and all workflow gaps and helps boost personal as well as professional growth.

With a research backed array of modules covering various aspects of interpersonal communication, Jensource helps teach employees no how to precisely deal with difficult conversations, how to manage conflicts that arise in the workplace, build and polish interpersonal skills and thereby resolve them effectively.

The aim of the above 3 modules is to inflict the art of assertive communication styles that reflect authority where necessary. It also helps understand oneself and put others’ views in perspective and, with a holistic viewpoint, assess and implement collaborative methods of working.

  • To understand the assertive communication style and deal with conflicts.
  • To create the need for understanding oneself and others
  • To make individuals understand the need for collaborative mode
  • How to deal with difficult conversation? – Client Calls
  • How to build interpersonal skills? Working in teams for Team leads and Project Mangers
  • How to manage and resolve Conflict – Personality development for Managers, Team Leads, Supervisors
  • 8 Hrs for each module.