03 Jun 2020

Role of IT in helping enterprises with business continuity efforts in the immediate term and building resilience in the long term.

The current situation has resulted in falling sales for many enterprises while those in sectors like Health manufacturing / On line education / Digital entertainment have seen spike in demand. Regardless; all enterprises have had to face disruptions with supply chain, travel restrictions and reduced employee productivity.

In the Immediate term; business continuity efforts have been directed towards enabling

  • Call forwarding; Self-service thru Chat bots and IVR for customers
  • WFH for employees through Collaboration tools( like Zoom, Slack, Teams, Webex etc) ; providing VPN  access to address use cases such as  instant messaging/mail/meeting/customer service support/access to enterprise apps

What are the challenges that still exist?

  • Increased strain on infrastructure(storage/network/compute) due to increased demand from customers and employees
  • Increased need for more network speed to manage video calls
  • Increased cyber security threat and hence need for end point protection and multi factor authentication

Hence in the next few weeks ; efforts will be directed towards stabilizing and strengthening new way of working

  • Address security issues , ensure multi factor authentication
  • Stabilize VPN, Collaboration tools

The current situation is impacting every individual in terms of changing lifestyle based on

  • Social distancing and changes to routine
  • Cleanliness(hand sanitizer, masks, gloves)
  • Travel
  • Health
  • Job and finances
  • Spending choices

In Consumer surveys people have indicated that they will spend more on essentials and less on discretionary items.

How are corporates planning to address the challenges of the new normal?

Build resilience against similar such crisis in the future thru digital channels, digital products, services and digital operations

  1. Review every step in the customer journey map and transition steps to online

Some examples of transitions

  • Real estate developers use VR for site visit
  • Restaurants deliver box office lunches and offer contactless dining experience
  • Hospitals offer tele-health with online appointment and consulting
  • Gyms offer in-home training videos, FB Live sessions co-hosted with top sports champions

       2. Digitalize  operations

  • Automate as many enterprise processes (RPA)
  • Move as many enterprise services to cloud as a service (eg: Remote on boarding)
  • Strengthen analytics and dashboards to support remote reviews &decision
  • Institute regular emergency drill

3.Test new digital products, services and business models

  • E-learning enables digitization of content and online training /certification service
  • IOT enabled products help traditional Manufacturing , Consumer products companies to offer preventive maintenance service, auto replenishment service etc
  • Data and analytics enable companies to upsell , cross sell by targeting customers with greater specificity. Eg: Online Retailers offering recommendation on products
  • Subscription package for regular use products and services

What are the services offered by Enterprise IT Consultant from Jen Source?

CIO/IT Head services including

  • IT Action plan(assessment, roadmap, architecture, evaluation)
  • Business Analysis
  • project management (cost, schedule, risk, communication, vendor etc)

What are the signs that need an Enterprise IT consultant is required?

Growing organizations /SMBs should consider availing CIO/IT Head services if the objective is to

  • revive and resurge from current economic slowdown
  • scale by minimizing dependency on people
  • improve efficiency and control direct and indirect costs through higher automation of key steps in operations ,  pay-in and pay-out processes.
  • Bring about people and process improvements through timely access to KPI data
  • Recover from past Do-It-Yourself attempts that have failed

For more details on how Enterprise IT Consultants Jen Source can help with CIO/IT Head services do get in touch info@jensource.in

As Winston Churchill said “Never let a crisis go to waste”


IVR- Interactive voice recording

WFH-Work from Home

VPN- Virtual private network

RPA-Robotic process automation

VR-Virtual reality

CIO-Chief Information Officer

KPI-Key process indicator