Jen Source enters strategic Alliance with Behife Analytics

09 Jun 2020

Jen Source and Behife Analytics Announce Strategic Alliance

Bengaluru, 9th June 2020- Jen Source gets into a strategic alliance with Behife Analytics Pvt Ltd. This strategic alliance enables Jen Source to strengthen their offerings for its clients under “Business Direction Services”.

This alliance would provide Business Finance programs that are accredited by Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA) and Finance Academy Australia (FAA). These programs would be revolving around the topics of Analysing Business Finance, Managing Business Finance, Business Finance Essentials and are specifically designed for business owners, professionals and students.

Behife Analytics Pvt Ltd has developed a ‘unique, cutting edge, game-changing business decision-making tool’ called “BEHIFE” specifically designed for business owners & senior management. Most business decisions are directly or indirectly related to numbers. Unfortunately, when top decision-makers ask for specific numbers they are provided DATA in the form of Excel files with tons of numbers. This leads them to make decisions based on assumption or gut feel or some rule-of-thumb that might be detrimental for their company.

Data is like crude oil that needs to be filtered, distilled, and processed. Similarly, when the data is filtered it becomes INFORMATION. This information processed becomes RELEVANT INFORMATION. This relevant information communicated in simple laymen terms becomes a meaningful conversation. The tool BEHIFE does exactly that for the decision-makers so that they know every time how their decision impacts the bottom line.

“This Strategic Alliance will be a key driver of growth for Jen Source and is a Winning Partnership that makes us a one-stop shop for all Business solutions needs” said Mr Ram Ramakrishnan MD, Jen Source India Pvt Ltd.

“We are excited to partner with Jen Source because of its commitment in creating the best business solutions to serve its customers” said Mr. Chinmay Ananda CEO, Finance Academy Australia

About Jen Source: 

Jen Source India Pvt Ltd was established in 2016 with an aim to enable organizations achieve success through People, Process and Technology in a Professional, Systematic and Sustainable manner. Company gains invaluable traction in terms of the strategy, vision and practical management and leadership knowledge from Mr Ram Ramakrishnan, Managing Director since 2018. He brings in over 34 years of experience in leading roles in various industry giants.

Jen Source’s Directors and leadership teams have amassed 350+ person years of expertise across global corporations, in process, people and technology, the core pillars of any organization’s success.

Team Jen Source has always etched its footprint with values, integrity, and ethics. Our team consists of experienced Process Experts, Business Process Consultants & Technology Consultants. Our business process consulting, skills development workshops, and technology implementation have been seamlessly adopted by various organizations to achieve excellence.

About Finance Academy Australia (FAA):

Finance Academy Australia (FAA) was founded in 2014 mainly to educate business owners and core team members in the SME sector to speak the language of business i.e. numbers. Since then FAA’s programs have benefited over 5000 people in Australia, India, China, and Indonesia. FAA firmly believes that the subject ‘business finance’ is less to do with just money and more to do with the information on how to handle money. Unfortunately, people in business lack this critical information.

The FAA’s programs are accredited by the Institute of Certified Management Accountants (ICMA), Australia and their training materials are being used in top business schools for their MBA programs in Australia namely – University of Canberra, Torrens University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s (School of Fashion & Textiles), Ducere Global School of Business and Insight Academy of Entrepreneurship.