A leading IT company witnessed increased power consumption on a month on month basis even though there is no significant increase in employee strength. They approached our team to do check their practices and suggest energy saving opportunities.


  • Team conducted a comprehensive study on the data on power consumption and its pattern.
  • Task force is formed including the ground level staff and asked the team to plot consumption patterns for various intervals.
  • Consumption patterns were analyzed for variations.
  • Focus was prioritized on after office hours power consumption as it was contributing to more than 50% of overall consumption.
  • Task force was again put in to action to identify the causes and come up with energy saving opportunities
  • Task force came up with the causes and list of energy saving opportunities
  • Implemented measures.
  • Established controls to sustain and ensured tracking mechanism.
  • Conducted sessions with staff to increase the awareness importance of energy saving.


    • Achieved 50% consumption reduction after office hours which resulted in savings of 1.8 Lacs units PA
    • Reduced power cost to the organization which translated in to cost savings of INR 1.8 Mn PA (cost per unit at Rs 10/-)
    • Increased awareness among staff to conserve energy