Rolling out Customer C-Sat survey once a year was too late to get the pulse of the employees.   It was also a humongous task to get the employees participate in the survey.    Even getting 20-30% to response to the survey was so difficult.   Marketing our function and communicating the various initiatives rolled out to improve the services was a concern.


  • Came up with an idea of “People Connect” program.
  • Each of the functional teams were expected to meet certain No. of employees each day to generally talk about the services and seek their feedback.
  • Came up with an “Issue Tracker” to consolidate all the issues to take action and provide feedback to ensure timely response and resolution to the issues raised.
  • If the employees strength is big, it would be easy to cover at least 75% of the employees  over a period of month
  • There is a continuity of interacting and networking with the employees on a continuous basis
  • If the project size is big, then nominate one SPOC each from the function and the project for them interact on a regular basis on the issues and resolutions and communicate the actions with all the employees of that project


  • The participation in the Annual C-Sat survey was increased multi-fold.
  • The overall Employee satisfaction was increased to more than 80%
  • There was an increased bonding between our function and the employees
  • This has also resulted in creating huge awareness amongst the employees on various initiatives driven by the function
  • The gaps in the expectations and services delivered became very minimal