We are working with a reputed Interior Designer Company on Business Directions Designer Services to help them Reimagine, Restore, Stabilize and Grow their Business.


Based on the SWOT Analysis, new business opportunities have been identified. They have started Online Certification Courses focusing on Fresh Students and Engineering Graduates to help them to get trained and be ready to start their professional career. Now, students are getting their skills enhanced. New Employment opportunities have been created; Skilled resources are available for the employers.  The company has also established strategic tie up with the Universities and Government Organisations to take it to the next level. Opportunities unlimited!


The client has acknowledged the fact that because of Jen Source’s timely consulting services and advise, they were able to discover their hidden potential. The company is always getting new things to learn based on our services. This will not only help them to enhance their Business growth but also enhancing the skill set of the students. This is one of the many opportunities they identified.