• Employees had to go to different counters in different buildings, to pick up various stationery items.
  • The Business Cards were distributed at different locations with no regular schedules.
  • Similarly, the Bus Passes were made and issued, due to which, many times the employees ended up waiting in long queues for submitting requisitions.
  • No fixed days or times were defined  for issuance of bus Passes and  Visiting Cards, resulting in wastage of man-hours due to multiple trips during collection of the same.
  • Various multimedia things were all available, but at various locations, scattered in different Buildings and waiting periods were long as well.
  • The inter-distance buildings was considerable, due to which lots of time and efforts were wasted by the employees for the smallest of procurements.
  • Employees misused the multimedia and stationery items for personal use, costing a burden to the Organization.
  • Part of the stationery was damaged while moving to different locations/ buildings, as also due to transporting during rainy seasons.
  • For commonly used items and certain fast moving commodities which got expended at the earliest, the procurement process was long, hence, the availability of such items was delayed due to which work suffered.
  • The requisitions and issuance process was manual hence there were anomalies and Human-errors which needed cross-checking.


  • Employees had faster access to items and there was no shortage of commonly used items.
  • The streamlined process saved time and efforts of the employees which gave them more dedicated hours for their core job.
  • Waiting periods reduced as employees had fixed date & time to collect Business Cards and Bus Passes.
  • Entries against each department to ensure the actual costs were booked   to the respective projects and business units
  • Due to advance requirements taken, unnecessary items and dead stock reduced, thereby reducing the storage space and losses due to expiry of certain items.( ink, paper, coloured sketch pens etc.)
  • People involved with procurement had a much simpler process to follow and was faster than before.
  • Least amount of Pilferage resulted in cost savings to the organization.
  • Wastage and damage during moving the items was negligible.
  • Personal usage reduced drastically, a mandate by which the organization was benefitted.


  • Employee satisfaction levels went up drastically. Created a Service Delivery Centre keeping in mind employees’ requirements.
  • All the Stationery items and Multimedia was made available at a single Place.
  • Created the online counters where employees would key in their requirements which was processed by individual Departmental managers and approved.
  • Entire Process was Streamlined and all departments were compulsorily made to follow the procedures.
  • Records were maintained and entries made against each department for Quantity of the items issued.
  • Fixed days were allocated and timings were fixed for obtaining requests of making Business Cards and Bus Passes.
  • Timings were laid down for issuance of ready Business Cards and Bus Passes.