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13 Apr 2020

Online Workshops conducted for our Clients

Jen Source Online Workshop

Every problem is an opportunity, COVID 19 has been an unexpected black swan event that has impacted businesses across the board.  However, few of our clients have taken the right steps to engage their teams through a positive engagement approach. A Co-Working Space and an Employee Transportation company reached out to Jen Source and tasked us to conduct the on-line training program in the following modules.

– Operating in the ‘New Normal’

– Focus on 4 main P’s – People, Premise, Property Management and POA

Program TitleObjective of the Session
Business Continuity PlanAn overview of establishing a business continuity plan
Risk and Crisis ManagementAn overview of identifying the risk, creating mitigation plan, creating the crisis management team and the roles and responsibilities of CMT
Fire protection & prevention Overview and monitoring and supervision of fire protection systems
Fire and Life safety equipment maintenance Importance of maintenance of Fire and Life safety equipment
Time Management Providing tips on effective time management and techniques

Each of the above program is for a duration of 2.5 hours and was attended by 40 employees/per program. In summary overall 500-man hours got clocked. All the programs got a 4.6 or above rating on 5-point scale.

If you are thinking for providing a positive engagement environment to your team during the lock down period, kindly reach out to us on or call Srinivasa Babu on 9845488674.  We will be happy to work with you and develop the programs to meet your requirements.