Mindfulness knowledge sharing session

26 Oct 2020

Knowledge Sharing Session Mind-ful or Mindful – 3 Ways to De-Stress & Stay Productive

MIndful session- Mr. Murali.S

Knowledge Sharing Session Series

Date: Friday, 30th October 2020.                             Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm                          Investment: 60 minutes of your time

Knowledge Sharing Session on Mind-ful or Mindful – 3 Ways to De-Stress & Stay Productive

This Knowledge sharing webinar session is organized by Jen Source India PVT. LTD. We help Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME’s)  through our unique Business Directions Designer Services.

This session will help you relax your mind and be stress free and stay productive. We will learn about the 3 ways to De-Stress & Stay Productive.  




Who Can Benefit:

All leaders aspiring to grow themselves and their business



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Meet our Expert Speaker for the session:

Minful- 3 ways to de stress & stay productive session Mr.Murali Sundaram

Author, Happyness Coach®, Entrepreneur, Key Note Speaker, 22 years in the Training & Selling, Health Care & Wellness, NLP Trainer, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Trainer, Specialist in Neuroscience-Yogic Science-Management Science & Pharmaceutical Science. Murali has till date successfully trained more than 283,000 Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executives across 15 different countries on Happiness, Money & Leadership. He is the Executive Director of BNI, Chennai “A” and Instrumental in helping 750+ Small & Medium Entrepreneurs generate more than $150 Million USD of Business in the last 6 years in Chennai. He is the Head of Training for BNI India, Global Master Trainer for BNI, the world’s largest referral organization with more than 270,000+ members across the globe. He teaches Happyness through his daily email lessons for FREE to more than 25000+ students across the globe (www.HappynessCourse.com) He is the Founder of “Teachers are Leaders Community” an Online Trainer’s Community helping Authors/Coaches/Trainers/Speakers to become a World-Class Influencer and impact one million lives globally.(www.teachersareleaders.org). He is currently helping 750+ Coaches & Trainers to Impact 1 Million Lives. He is the Co-Creator of Breath@Work – a revolutionary Mindful Happiness program that combines ancient Indian Science, Management Science & Neuro-Science. (http://www.breathatwork.com)