Innovation modelling

27 Aug 2020

Innovation Modelling webinar

Innovation Modelling, Jen Source events at bangalore

Date: Friday, 04th September 2020.                             Time: 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm                          Fee: 60 minutes of your time

Want to know more about Innovation Modelling?

As  businesses realize, the importance of innovation strategy in today’s business.

Attend this webinar to know about Innovation Modelling.

A platform for Imagining problems, defining them & give them a logical solution. The solutions became a feeder for all practices within an organization.

Who Can Benefit:

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs of Small, Micro, and Medium Enterprises. 


Registration Closed 

Meet Our Facilitator:

Krish Ramamoorthi Krish Ramamoorthi is an Information Technology professional of over 30 years of experience. He has worked in various senior management roles across the globe including in Silicon Valley, California. His charter is to bring innovative transformations to organizations through well-defined models. He has worked with various organizations that required innovation & creating an intellectual property strategy. His forte is telescoping innovative technology products and services to newer frontiers.

Krish also conceptualized and designed ITL – Innovation Thinking Labs.  The Labs provide a platform for imagining problems, defining them & give them a logical solution. The outcome of this was a force multiplier in customer acquisition and engagement. Over several decades Krish has been a featured speaker in various forums on technology initiation & its strategic relevance.